Wedding Music 


The Prelude

This is music that is played while guests congregate in the church and wait for the bride to arrive. The music sets the mood for the ceremony to come and should be positive and joyous.  Unless you have particular music in mind, the organist will usually play a selection while your guests assemble. You can listen to selection of suitable music in the Signing the Registers section below

Entrance of the Bride

The Bride enters the Church by the North Door and will process the Nave Altar where she will join the Groom and Best Man.  During this time some music will be played

The Marriage Service

During this part of the service 2 or 3 Hymns may be sung

Signing the Registers

During the time spent in the registry, the organist will be willing to play any suitable music of your choice, whether traditional or modern. You may wish, for example, to have some music played that has a special meaning to you both. This is also the appropriate time where you can make your ceremony unique by arranging to have a friend, relative or group entertain your guests by singing or playing your own choice of music and tunes. If you are thinking about doing this, please check with the Vicar before you make any bookings. 

Exit of the Bride and Groom

As you walk arm-in-arm down the aisle as husband and wife after signing the registers, you will want music that is triumphant, joyful and celebratory. 

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