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Restoration Supported by The National Lottery

Restoration Supported by The National Lottery

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Welcome to St Martins Herne

Welcome to St Martins Herne

You are most welcome to attend any of our Services

We are a family friendly church that balances  a central church tradition in a beautiful ancient place of worship. We encourage a mixed economy of worship and hope that there is something for everyone. We have a range of different worship services and our monthly evening services vary between Sung Evensong, Holy Communion, Healing services, Tea & Cake with Songs of Praise etc. 

We are building up small groups and social activities as well as service to the wider community and those in need. 

Do drop in or telephone to find out more.  

We aim to welcome you as Christ welcomes us all.


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St Martins Restoration News

HLF Grant Phase 2


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External Fabric Repairs to St Martin’s Church Herne secures further Heritage Lottery Fund Investment

The St Martin’s Parochial Church Council has received a confirmed grant of up to £299,200 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to carry out the second phase of the External Fabric Repairs to the Church.

The project will carry out essential conservation work to our 14th Century Grade I listed Parish Church which after an architectural survey was placed on Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register.

The project aims to

  • Undertake cleaning and repairs to the masonry of the tower elevations including repairs to the ringing chamber openings, the lead covering of the string course, slot windows and the stone arch to the west door of the nave.
  • Re-bed the tower door steps to a lower foundation base.
  • Undertake pointing and repairs to the masonry of the west gables.
  • Overhaul existing toilet facilities with permanent connection to underground drainage, which means St Martin’s will have its first flushing toilet!
  • Deliver a programme of community activities as described in the Activity Plan, including a drawing demonstration, competition and display, a Bayeux-style tapestry sewn by the local community, flower arranging sessions, events for local children and education visits for local interest groups.
  • Develop high visibility acknowledgement of the National Lottery funding awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund on site, online and in all activities.
  • Develop and deliver a plan for how we will use our project to thank National Lottery players for their support.

This project will protect and repair the external fabric of St Martin’s for years to come, building on the urgent repairs carried out in phase 1 of the External Fabric Repair project completed in 2017.

St Martin’s is a very busy church with strong links with the local Church of England schools and the local community of Herne.

During the Spring and Summer of 2018 there will be community events including

  • Flower arranging demonstration on the evening of 21st May at St Martin’s church
  • Flower Festival 1st to 3rd June at St Martin’s church, including church Open Day, BBQ and beer tent etc on Saturday 2nd June
  • St Martin’s Church will be open as part of the Garden Safari on Sunday 10th June
  • Drawing Competition to draw St Martin’s, Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June
  • St Martin’s will be part of the Herne Summer Fair, with Herne Infants and Herne Junior School on Saturday 30th June.

Rev’d Carol Smith, Vicar of St Martin’s  says, “The award of a second substantial grant from The Heritage Lottery Fund is fantastic news for us and all those we serve because it means we can focus on them and their needs more confidently from a building that is becoming increasingly more welcoming, hospitable and sustainable. SO A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO NATIONAL LOTTERY PLAYERS and to the HLF Grant decision makers.”   


HLF grant Phase 3

Herne St Martin’s External Fabric Repair project wins National Lottery support

St Martin’s Church, Herne has received additional support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the External Fabric Repair project, with a first round pass of up to £336,100, which is 85% of the total estimated costs of the project of £395,511, it was announced today. This includes a development grant of £35,400.

This is the third phase of the external repair project at the historic 12th century St Martin’s Church and brings the amount of awards from the Heritage Lottery Fund to just under £1million (including development work).  Made possible by National Lottery players, the project aims to carry out urgent repairs to the church fabric, particularly the church tower and the clock, as identified in an architectural survey in 2014 resulting in St Martin’s being placed on Historic England’s ‘at risk’ register. Work will start on preparation for the repair work to the tower and the clock in the next few weeks. 

This is excellent news as it means the work to remedy the serious defects in the fabric of this historic church, can continue. 

The first phase of the project was completed earlier this year when the most urgent areas of unsound masonry were repaired and rainwater was prevented from coming in the church. The second phase of the project is currently in development to repair the west elevation of the church.



St Martin’s Church is an ancient, Grade One listed building dating back to the 12th Century (with possibly 7th century foundations from a previous building) and is referred to in the Doomsday book. The tower is said to be magnificent and “probably the most ambitious piece of early 14th-century parish church architecture in south-east England”.  The restoration work enabled by the Heritage Lottery Fund awards will not only preserve the church but also help to expand its profile in the local community. 


Commenting on the award, Sir Roger Gale MP for North Thanet said,

“When I visit St Martin’s Church, Herne, I am always struck by the magnificence of the building and its imposing setting.  I am therefore particularly delighted that the work of restoration, preservation and adaptation can continue thanks to the award of a third grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.” 

Vicar of St Martin’s Reverend Carol Smith said:

“It is an exciting time to be leading Herne St Martin’s as this third award from the Heritage Lottery Fund means we can go on serving the large numbers of people who come from far and wide to attend a Church Service, Christening or a Wedding or sometimes because they’ve discovered a long-lost ancestor buried in Herne Churchyard.”  

“Now we can look to the future with confidence as the next thing we must do is modernise our facilities to ensure that the building is well and fully utilised by people of all ages.”  

Notes to editors

St Martin’s Church, Herne

The Revd Carol Smith

Tel. 01227 636960 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.st-martins-herne.co.uk/stmartinsherne 

About the Heritage Lottery Fund

(Grants programme) applications are assessed in two rounds.  A first-round pass is given when HLF has endorsed outline proposals and earmarked funding. A first-round pass may also include an immediate award to fund the development of the project. Detailed proposals are then considered by HLF at second-round.



Restoration Events

Phase 2

Delivery Stage



Start date

End date


Instruct contractor/mobilisation/scaffold design

December 2017

March 2018

Architect and contractor

Carry out repair work to the building

March 2018

December 2018

Architect and contractor

Deliver activity plan for community engagement

March 2018

December 2018

Outreach worker and members of the PCC

Evaluate activity plan and consider future activities

December 2018

January 2018

Members of the PCC

Evaluate repairs and plan future work, including possible reordering

December 2018

January 2018

Architect and members of the PCC

Activity plan dates



Detail of event


Drawing demonstration

23 March 2018

Rob Hudson

Herne Junior School

Flower arranging workshop

21 April 2018

Flower ladies

St Martin’s church

Open Day


Flower Festival

Cake Competition

St Martin’s Church

Garden Safari


Flower Festival


Herne and Broomfield including St Martin’s church

Drawing competition

22 June 2018

Hanging of drawings

St Martin’s Church

Drawing competition


Viewing of drawings

St Martin’s Church

Drawing competition


Judging of drawings

St Martin’s church

Memorial Carols



St Martin’s church

Photography competition


Photographic club members


“Bayeux" Tapestry



St Martin’s church


Evaluation of events



Restoration News

External Fabric Repair Project Phase 1 - Delivery

This has been completed so far as HLF is concerned. There is a final payment which will be required to be paid to the builders of the 2.5% retention for which money needs to be held in the restoration account until the retention is paid. The maintenance money of £11,000 is also to be used for maintenance over the next 5 years.

External Fabric Repair Project Phase 2 - Development

The Specification for the work in the delivery stage of phase 2 was put out to tender on 18th September and tender returns are therefore awaited next month.

The Specification has been submitted to the Diocesan Advisory Committee, with the first stage of a faculty application for the work. A site visit by members of the DAC for phase 2 and the chancel repairs (the subject of a separate application to the DAC) took place on 29th August 2017 with restoration committee members and the architect.

The health and safety advisor has sent their documents and invoice for phase 2. The grant monies provided on account by HLF totalling £26,260 have been used to pay invoices for phase 2, currently totalling £24,750. Invoices have not been received from B W May for digging the test pits, and Canterbury Archaeological Trust for supervising the excavations, estimated to total £1,680. There will be further invoices in the development stage from the architect and quantity surveyor, and the H & S advisor has recommended an asbestos survey for the toilet, if not already surveyed, the cost of which is not yet known. HLF will only pay the final 10% of the development award when the closing report is submitted, and will only pay a percentage (approximately 80%) of the total development costs. VAT recovery should be possible on most VAT incurred during the development stage.

Applications for grants have been made to National Churches Trust and the Church Care Trust. A grant application will be made to Garfield Weston in October 2017.

The activity programme has been developed in house by John Bennett and others, and taken over by Sarah Bingham.

Sir Roger Gale, MP visited St Martin’s on 22nd September 2017 and was updated on the External Fabric Repair project. Our HLF grants officer is coming to visit St Martin’s on the 24th October 2017.

The development stage must be completed by 8th December 2017. The delivery stage (if approved by HLF) will then follow, subject to availability of the selected contractor and weather considerations, also the requirements of Natural England.

External Fabric Repair Project Phase 3

The restoration committee hope to be in a position to provide more information to the PCC at the meeting. 

Restoration - Annual Reports

Restoration Report for 2016/17

External Fabric Repair Project Phase 1

Following the award of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant in 2015 of £248,000, the development stage of preparation work finished in early 2016, and the delivery stage started in June 2016. In addition to the HLF grant, Friends of Kent Churches, All Churches Trust, the Jill Franklin Trust and Urban & Civic gave grants and “Sponsor a stone” raised money for the restoration project. Scaffolding was erected around the tower and the west wall for repair work to be carried out to the stonework. Closer inspection of the west windows from the scaffolding showed that they were in more urgent need of repair, so internal scaffolding was erected to inspect the windows and carry out repairs. The weather vane on the tower has been refurbished and replaced. The repairs to the stonework and rainwater goods is still continuing and is now scheduled to be finished by the end of March 2017. Investigations have been carried out in the churchyard to locate the drains around the church, so that they can be cleared.

There have been regular progress meetings concerning the building work with the architect, quantity surveyor and builders. The local MP visited the restoration project on the 6th January 2017. Press releases have been sent to local media. Information about the project, together with photographs are on the church website.

The HLF grant also included money for an activity programme. There was a photographic competition during the summer, organised with the assistance and support of Herne Bay Photographic Club. Judging took place at the beginning of July 2016 in three age divisions, with an overall winner from the 12 finalists. The winning entries were included in a 2017 calendar. A community festival weekend in July 2016 involved many local organisations and companies, including the local brewery. In September 2016, the centenary of the death of Captain William Woollett, to whom there is a memorial in church and the battlefield cross marking his grave, was commemorated.


External Fabric Repair Project Phase 2

An application was made to HLF in June 2016 for a second award to develop, and then deliver, the second phase of the restoration project, which is mainly for further repair work to the tower and west wall and also includes the installation of a toilet in the church connected to mains drainage. In December 2016, a second grant from HLF of £327,000 was awarded.

HLF issued permission to start the development work in January 2016. The church architect is again dealing with the preparation for the restoration building works as in phase 1.  As in phase 1, an activity programme will be developed to include church members and members of the local community.

Restoration Report for 2017/18

External Fabric Repair Project Phase 1 - Delivery

The final payment to B W May for the phase 1 work has now been paid, and application made for the VAT recovery. 


External Fabric Repair Project Phase 2 – Delivery (round 2)

The stone repair work is progressing according to schedule. It may be possible to do additional work to the north porch and south aisle, which would involve a variation of the faculty. A PCC resolution is required for this, together with advice from the DAC, which they are arranging. Various quotes are awaited to remove the old lino (with asbestos) and replace the floor in the ringing room, also to repair the bottom tower steps. The DAC recommended removing the internal plaster from the west wall.  A quotation for this work has been received from the contractors and another quotation is being obtained. 

The new loo is installed and awaiting signing off of the pump by the Klargester representative before final work of decoration and floor covering is finished.

External Fabric Repair Project Phase 3 – Development

Universal Stone have quoted for the Phase 3 work and the cost of the repairs, excluding VAT and fees, is £337,000. The quantity surveyor has yet to go through it fully and negotiate but his initial view was that there was nothing immediately which he had identified as being the subject of reduction, and he now has comparison figures from phase 1 to assist him. Fees, which were estimated at over £19,000 excluding VAT, for the phase 3 work will have to be added, and that figure will increase as the work to be done costs more, since fees are calculated on a percentage basis.

Repairs to the north porch and south aisle are included in the above figure, so if done in phase 2, the phase 3 costs will be reduced by some £25,000. The architect has also asked the quantity surveyor to identify any other work which can be done in phase 2 as Keith had obtained other grants from NCT, Friends of Kent churches etc some of which cannot be carried over to phase 3 because of time limits. There are few, if any, further grants available.

It is hoped to repair the tower roof in phase 3 having had discussions with the mast companies’ engineer and surveyor to move the antenna from the mast to the scaffolding temporarily and rerouting the cables.

The HLF grant for phase 3 round 2 is £300,700 so constructing the phase 3 round 2 budget for HLF is going to be a difficult process and likely to involve much work. It appears that there is a shortfall on phase 3 work even after taking off the north porch and south aisle work out (either to be done in phase 2 or not done at all)  as the HLF grant will not cover the work plus fees and activity costs. There will be little, if any contingency on the figures.

The phase 3 round 2 application must be submitted to HLF by the 6th September 2018 and phase 3 round 1 concluded by that date. HLF and Historic England have seen and approved the Specification of Works. The Specification of Works and drawings have been submitted to the DAC for advice and a faculty for the work will also need to be obtained.

Restoration Report Year 2018/19

Restoration Report

Background to the External Fabric Repair Project

The quinquennial inspection by the church architect, Rena Pitsilli-Graham, in 2014 identified the tower, west wall and north porch as in the most urgent need for repair. The most urgent repairs were done as the first phase of the External Fabric Repair Project, which was completed in May 2017.

External Fabric Repair Project Phase 2 Following completion of round 1 of phase 2 in December 2017, a faculty for the repairs to the west wall and lower north and west tower walls and installation of a toilet connected to mains drainage was issued in February 2018. As in phase 1, the church architect had prepared a Specification for the repairs and Universal Stone Ltd had submitted the successful tender to carry out the repairs. The quantity surveyor, Sawyer & Fisher, and the CDM consultant employed for the project, AGA Ltd, in phase 1 were re-appointed for phase 3. Using grants from Marshalls charity of £5,000 and the Friends of Kent Churches of £5,000, together with a donation of £10,000 from Urban & Civic, the sewer connection was made in February 2018, during the half term holiday, which involved closing Canterbury Road, in readiness for connection to the new toilet. The round 2 application was approved by the Heritage Lottery Fund, who were again the main funders, in March 2018. Grants had also been offered or paid from the National Churches Trust, the Friends of Kent Churches, All Churches, and Garfield Weston.

The scaffolding was erected in April 2018, and repair work started to the west walls and lower tower on the north and west sides. There were regular monthly progress meetings attended by the architect, quantity surveyor, contractors, and members of the restoration committee. The old toilet was removed and a new toilet installed, connected to mains drainage. Canterbury Archaeological Trust supervised the excavations in the churchyard. After some delays because the pump had been supplied without all necessary parts, the new toilet was in operation by the end of August 2018. As less work than budgeted was required, HLF agreed that the contingency in their grant could be used to repair the north porch and the south west gable, and using some of the additional grants, the additional work was done in phase 2 instead of phase 3, as originally planned.

A variation of the faculty was issued in August 2018, together with Archdeacon’s permission for the repairs to the chancel, which are being mainly funded by the Church Commissioners. The practical completion of the phase 2 round 2 work was on the 21st December 2018. A programme of events involving the church and the local community took place during 2018 as part of the HLF grant award.

External Fabric Repair Project Phase 3 – Development (round 1) Whilst phase 2 was continuing, work was also being done on round 1 of phase 3, again funded by HLF. The same team of architect, quantity surveyor and CDM consultant had been appointed. HLF agreed to a single tender for the repair work and Universal Stone Ltd submitted a tender which was accepted. Members of the Kent Bat Group again attended and reported to Natural England. An application for a faculty for the repairs to the upper tower, tower roof and clock was submitted in August 2018 and granted on the 17th December 2018. 1 There will be a programme of events involving the church and the local community during 2019 planned by members of the restoration committee. The application for round 2 was submitted to HLF in September 2018 and approved by HLF in October 2018. Application for permission to start round 2 was submitted in December 2018 to HLF once the faculty had been issued and work will start on round 2 in spring 2019.


The Rev'd Carol Smith

The Rev'd Carol Smith

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St Martins Bell Ringers

The Bells are rung regularly for Sunday Service at 09:45 am, at Weddings and for National Occasions.

Practice night is on Wednesday from 8:00 - 9:00 pm.

Campanology (Bellringing) is the Art and Science of ringing bells using a rope and wheel. It is a distinctly "English" pastime, originating in the British Isles, but in the last couple of hundred years has spread to the colonies, and can be found as far afield as New Zealand and Texas

A major bell restoration was carried out in 2010-11 when the original bells the oldest being cast in 1621 were augmented to 8 by the addition of 2 treble bells cast at Whitechapel Bell Foundry in March 2011. The Bells were rededicated by the Bishop of Dover in December 2011

The Bells are rung regularly for Sunday Service at 09:45 am, at Weddings and for National Occasions.

Practice night is on Wednesday from 8:00 - 9:00 pm.

We need more ringers, come and meet us on Wednesday, have a go?.

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.Welcome our Website At present there are no services at St Martins